Well! With things getting hot and steamy up in Hong Kong right now, some of the boys are going to need a relaxing visit to the Soho district… Relaxing?! What are we saying? Nooo! It’s time to party girlfriends, in your “Heung Gongs” (that’s fragrant harbour , in case you didn’t know, aka "Hong Kong") from us here at GAB Underwear! Can you see the night lights of the beautiful city skyline reflecting in the harbour with this stunning pair of underwear? Hong Kong... city of rebels You know you want some... 


85% Nylon 15% Elastane


(Price is $AUD and includes GST where applicable. Postage extra.)



We're all human and like to have fun. GAB Underwear encourages GABies and their mates to play safe. Get tested regularly, for sexually transmitted infections & please play safe.


If you're not feeling too crash hot, experiencing mental anguish and or thoughts of selfharm. Please reach out. There is always light at the end of the tunnel! You're gorgeous and we love you.

GAB Hong Kong