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We're a brand, specifically focused on serving the gay Asian bottoms of the world! And their partners  ;-)  xx


For too long now, we have been an after-thought, with underwear designs very obviously targetted at other demographics.


Not any more!


Our goal is to help you wear and when you like, show your "pride". Pride as a member of the LGBTIQ+ community... pride as an Asian... and pride as a bottom!


We've taken the tradition of "Lucky 8" and designed 8 variations of our stand-out and sexy design - based on 8 cities around the world that truly embrace the LGBTIQ+ community - those that encourage us to be seen and acknowledged.


Each city design features vibrant colours in the front panels, which reflect that location. On the derrière  is a stylised map of that city's "Queer" district.

Choose your purchases based on fond memories, support of that city or... just because they're damn hot!!

We've just launched the first 3 cities in our range (based on a vote by our ever-growing community of followers) - "Saigon", "San Francisco" and "Singapore". They're available for purchase right now! With your support, we can go into production with the remaining 5 designs in early 2021!

Roll up! Roll up! Roll up! At long last... a brand of underwear focused, designed and intended just for, unique, beautiful, amazing, sassy, gorgeous YOU!

You know you want some...

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